Why a Rescued Dog Can Make the Perfect Pet

There are millions of families share the joy of having a dog today. Dogs are known as “man’s best friend” and they easily can live up to that expectation. Have you ever heard that dogs are the most loyal of animals? They truly are. Dogs will stick by your side no matter what. Adding a dog to your home can be an extremely fulfilling and happy experience. Dogs really can make the perfect pets.

Not long ago I found two of the sweetest dogs I have ever known in the backyard of a man who abused them. They were extremely underweight, covered in flies, fleas, dirt, and had half of their teeth missing. They were not properly taken care of in the least. The owner had left them and they were taken care of by no one. They had no food and no water and were left to survive on their chains in a backyard. Even though they were abused in ways that no dogs ever should be, they were the happiest and sweetest dogs I have ever known.

What is a rescued dog?

The term “rescued” can mean different things to different people. I know it as a dog that has been saved from a horrible environment or taken off the streets and placed into a loving home. There are many stray animals wondering about the cities and there are plenty of people willing to rescue them.

How can you rescue a dog?

There are many ways that you can save a life and rescue a dog. For example, when I found those two dogs in the backyard, I wanted to make them my pets because of their joy and friendliness, but I already have a lot of pets. I was able to find them a new home together with a lovely woman who wanted to make them a part of her family. Those dogs were rescued. Animal shelters are filled with dogs that need rescuing. If you think about it, every animal who is in a high-kill shelter is sitting on death row. They are sitting in a small room waiting to die. Those animals are the ones who need to be rescued and in all honesty, they make the best pets because they know that you saved them.
If you have recently decided to add a dog to your family, consider the option of adopting a dog who is sitting on death row. Dogs will always be loyal and dogs are almost always happy no matter what the circumstance. Saving a dog from a high-kill shelter not only saves their lives, but it can save yours too.

Why should you rescue a dog?

You should rescue a dog if you care about animals. If you cannot bear the idea of a sweet, innocent dog being euthanized for no reason other than the shelter is running out of room, you should be the one to rescue a dog. I believe that every animal knows what “the pound” is and know what happens there. If you are the one to save a dog from such a frightening place, they will know that you saved their life and they will be the best pet you could have ever asked for.