The Top 4 Websites to Place Lost Dogs

For dog lovers around the world, your world can come crashing down if you ever have to experience losing your beloved four-legged family member. Dogs can easily become a part of any family and millions of people are adopting their new furry friends every day. Dogs are known to be the most loyal creatures to ever walk this earth. It is no question why they are considered “man’s best friend” because of their loyalty to their owners through anything life has to offer.

In my personal experience, losing your furry best friend can seem like the end of the world and can bring your world crashing down. There are certainly things you can do and actions you can take if your dog ever goes missing to ensure that you are doing everything you can possibly do to bring your “best friend” home again.

Use the internet as your searching grounds.

Dogs do go missing every day and thankfully there are many websites that understand this. Whether your dog got loose during a thunder storm and ran out of panic or if your dog was snatched from your back yard while you were doing the laundry, the internet can be used in your search to find your furry friend.
1. Facebook.
Yes, you read that correctly. Facebook actually has many pages that are solely used for finding and reporting missing your lost pet. I, for one, have joined 3 Facebook pages for my area that you can post in if your pet is missing or if a pet is found. By using Facebook to search and post your missing loved friend, you are letting others in your area know that you are searching. Others in that group will be able to know what to look for and keep their eyes open for your furry friend. If an animal is found, you can also use that site to claim your pet or keep your eyes open for another who is in your situation.
2. Fido Finder.
Fido Finder is a website that holds a national database of all lost animals that are posted. Once you register with Fido Finder, you can enter information about your missing pet and if a pet meeting the same criteria is posted, you can be notified.
3. The Humane Society.
Almost every town has a humane society or animal shelter of some sorts. Many times, lost dogs do end up in the humane society if they were picked up by animal control. On the website for the humane society in my area, there is a special section where you can post your lost and found pets. It is also a good idea to call your local humane society or animal shelter to see if they have seen your furry friend.
4. Lost and Pound.
The Lost and Pound website is like the Fido Finder website as in you can list that your dog is missing and add criteria. Once you register your pet on the Lost and Pound website, an email is sent to all veterinary clinics and animal shelters in your area.