A Look at Teacup Yorkie Puppies

If you are looking for a sweet dog, the Teacup Yorkie may just be perfect for you. Teacup Yorkie puppies are a small breed of dogs of terrier family. This breed of dog originated from Yorkshire in England where it was kept in clothing mills to catch rats. Nowadays kept as a companion dog, teacup Yorkies have been used to develop other breed of dogs including the Australian Silky Terrier. Yorkies generally grow to attain a height of between 6 and 7 inches but can only weigh a maximum of 3.2 kg. They have a life span of 15 years maximum.


Newly born teacup Yorkie puppies have black points on the muzzle, above eyes, on toes and on the legs. They eventually grow to develop a coat that is in most cases black with a mixture of grey color. The hair grows to be very long and is fine, straight and silky. Although the hair can be long, the dogs do not shed much. They actually only shed when brushed.

A teacup Yorkie puppy will normally have a small head that appears flat on the top. They eyes are characteristically medium in size and in most cases dark. The V-shaped ears remain erect most of the time. The puppies do have very thick hair on the head, which sometimes calls for the need to gather it and tie it in a band.


Teacup Yorkie puppies grow to be very good companion dogs. They are not only loving and fond of children but active and adventurous as well. They are full of energy and can be very brave but loyal to their masters. The dogs require proper guidance, as lack of the same can cause them to develop characters and habits that owners will not want to contend with.

Although playful and friendly to family members, the dogs always remain highly suspicious of strangers and can be aggressive. They can however be very demanding and will always try to attract attention. Because of their demanding nature, the dogs need to be properly guided to avoid small dog syndrome in the house. They at times remain oblivious of their small size and will normally try to dominate larger pets.


Although a generally healthy breed, teacup Yorkie puppies are prone to several health problems. These include teeth decay/infections, eye infections and some congenital diseases. Most of the health issues can be prevented by subjecting the puppies to nutritious diet, regular veterinary care and moderate exercise.


Because of their long hair, teacup Yorkie puppies require regular grooming. The hair needs to be combed/brushed and tied together. They must never be left shaggy. Apart from daily walks, the dogs need a nutritious diet rich in fiber as well.

Teacup Yorkies make wonderful and loyal pets. If you are in need of a loving companion, there are hundreds of breeders that will help your dream come true. Do some research online to see if you have any breeders in your area and ask them to give you references before making a purchase.