Teacup Puppies Becoming More Popular

Teacup puppies are becoming more and more popular as the years go on, as the range of breeds of teacup puppies are increasing. The most common known teacup puppies today could be the Chihuahua, Shih-Tzu, Terriers, and Maltese. I have heard many people say that they wish that their new puppy would stay that small forever. Teacup puppies do. An average teacup puppy weighs between two and five pounds.
Teacup puppies are not a standard breed of dog. They are bred in certain ways to make sure that they stay small. Although having a teacup puppy that can sit in the palm of your hand sounds adorable, there are many other issues and problems that can arise from having one.

Health Problems

Because teacup puppies are so tiny, this can mean that their bones are very tiny and fragile. Having a puppy that is not any bigger than the size of your hand can attract unfortunate circumstances. Teacup puppies are typically not kept in the mother’s womb as long as a normal sized puppy. They are born earlier to ensure that they are smaller. If you know anything about pregnancies and birth, you must know that in order for a puppy to be born healthy, it must be carried full-term to ensure that it is fully developed.

The most common problems associated with teacup puppies are broken bones. Because they are so tiny and fragile, their bones cannot handle the kind of activities as a normal sized puppy. I once met a woman who had a teacup poodle. Its legs were broken because it jumped out of her arms. In most cases, if a puppy jumps out of your arms, its legs would not break because they have stronger bones. This woman spent thousands of dollars in medical bills for her puppy to restore function in its legs.

Puppies that are too small and did not develop as much as they should have in their mother’s womb are also susceptible to respiratory problems and organ failure further on in its life. If the teacup puppy was born too early, it can also create a soft spot on their skull which makes it very dangerous for the puppy to play with other animals. Teacup puppies are also prone to more stress disorders, such as hypoglycemia because they are too small for the world they live in.

How to take care of a teacup puppy

Taking care of a teacup puppy is somewhat more difficult than taking care of a regular sized puppy. They must be fed the best and most nourishing foods to ensure that their tiny bodies are receiving the nutrition and support they need. Since stress disorders are most common in teacup puppies, you must monitor its blood sugar levels. If it does have a stress disorder, its blood sugar level will drop and you will notice it is more fatigued and sickly. This can kill the puppy, so monitoring its behavior is important.
Teacup puppies are certainly adorable and many people love the idea of having such a small dog. Be sure to educate yourself on the breed of dog you desire and know the possible health risks so that you can ensure that your puppy has the best life possible.

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