Understanding Teacup Maltese Puppies

Teacup Maltese puppies are some of the smallest breed of dogs you can find. Believed to be descendants of dogs native to Central Mediterranean region, males weigh between 3 and 8 pounds with females weighing between 2 and 7 pounds. While males can grow to attain a height of 10 inches, females only reach 9 inches. Between 3 and 5 litters can be born at any given time. These are some of the puppies with a long life span as most live to attain 15 years. Mature Maltese dogs are usually kept as companion dogs.


Although the color of Teacup Maltese puppies is white in most cases, some are found with shades of orange or ivory. They have hair instead of fur. This means that they shed less and are therefore a good choice for those who are allergic to dogs. These puppies do feature rounded skull with a wide dome. While their noses appear red, the eyes are predominantly ice blue.

These puppies do appear to be square in shape as their length is almost equal to height. They have drooping ears in most cases surrounded by dark skin, which gives the puppies their expressive look. One major characteristic of the dogs is the turning of their noses to brown or pink when kept indoors without exposure to sun. The “winter nose” as it is referred to normally disappear when the puppies receive sunlight.


Teacup Maltese puppies remain lively and very playful even when they grow up. They also seek love and attention and cuddle around their owners most of the time. Due to their playful nature, they need to be watched when in the presence of very young children. Apart from being playful, the puppies remain active throughout their life span. Because they prefer enclosed areas, they are the best dog pets to keep in apartments with small yards. They do not usually like to run off if they get outside, as they tend to like to stay close to their owner.


Maltese are generally healthy dogs, which is the main reason why they have a long life span of 15 years. However, they are highly susceptible to tooth cavities. When not addressed in good time, the teeth start falling out as the puppies grow. The “reverse sneezing” associated with snorting that the puppies experience after engaging in play is usually not a health risk and normally goes away after minutes.


This breed of dog requires daily cleaning although not a full bath. They can only be bathed once in a month to prevent tear-staining. Regular grooming is however necessary to prevent matting. A popular way of grooming mature Maltese is to give them what is referred to as “puppy cut”, which is trimming the hair to bare minimum. Blow-drying becomes necessary when the hair is left to grow long.

Teacup Maltese puppies are a good choice for a loving animal to share life with. Do some research online and take a look at what there is out there to choose from. Only purchase from reputable breeders that have good recommendations.