A Look at the Chinese Crested

Contrary to common belief, the Chinese Crested is not native to China but to Africa. This breed of dog was only brought into China by ships that stopped along African coastline for supplies. The dogs were brought into the ships to hunt vermin that were a major problem to sailors then. It was from China that this breed of dog was introduced to other parts of the world, including to the Americas where the dogs were kept as bed warmers. Native American tribes are even known to have kept the dogs and ate them as food, which upsets dog lovers terribly. This is a small breed of dog that grows to attain a height of up to 12 inches and gain a maximum of 5 kg. It has a life span of 12 years.


Although a typical Chinese Crested will always be hairless, those with minimal hair can also be found. Even so, it is the hairless variety that is considered Chinese Crested. In appearance, the dog has soft skin that appears to be similar to human skin. Some have a little hair on the head, paws and on the tail. While the hairless variety has a single coat, those with hair have double coat. The hairless variety is usually in black or pale flesh colors. The head appears wedge-shaped with a muzzle that tapers toward the cheeks. Eyes are usually almond-shaped with ears standing erect.


This breed of dog is not only loving but charming as well. It remains alert all the time and is very playful especially with children. It is a good companion dog that and is very entertaining. It gets along very well with other house pets including other breed of dogs. Because it has a tendency to climb and dig holes in the ground, it is not always good to restrict it indoors. Let the dog play around in the yard. A Chinese Crested dog is a dog that always requires direction. If left on its own without proper guidance and leadership, the dog tends to develop biting and guarding habits. These habits are not necessarily bad, but the dog needs to learn how to use them in the right situations.


The Chinese Crested is generally a healthy dog without major health issues. However, the fact that its skin remains exposed means that necessary protection measures must be undertaken. The dog should only be exposed to direct sunlight for short duration of time to avoid sunburn. Alternatively, sunscreen lotion must be applied in case of over-exposure to sunrays. The dog requires regular dental examination because it is highly prone to tooth loss. Be sure to visit the veterinarian if you notice the dog becomes lethargic for more than a couple of days.


The hairless Chinese Crested is a very easy dog to care for. It requires very little grooming due to lack of hair. Apart from proper diet and veterinary care, a little walk, bathing and application of oil on the body is enough to keep the dog clean and healthy.